New cloud-based network labs from Juniper and Cisco a good start

Juniper’s Junosphere and Cisco Learning Labs offer broader access to network gear firmware, but engineers want something they can run locally, much like illicit router emulator software. Both Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks are launching cloud-based network labs—Cisco Learning Labs andJunosphere—to give network engineers and students better access to the […]

French Version of ‘Patriot Act’ Becomes Law

Thanks to the Charlie Hebdo massacre and other instances of terrorism, the French legislature has voted 438 to 86 in favor of the “Intelligence Service Bill,” essentially a French version of the Patriot Act. It awards the French intelligence services sweeping powers to tap and intercept any kind of digital […]

Netflix Releases FIDO: Automated Security Incident Response

Introducing FIDO: Automated Security Incident Response We’re excited to announce the open source release of FIDO (Fully Integrated Defense Operation – apologies to the FIDO Alliance for acronym collision), our system for automatically analyzing security events and responding to security incidents. Overview The typical process for investigating security-related alerts is […]