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Login: (case #)
Password: <email address for your support account>

Uploading files to dropbox.f5.com using HTTP

You can upload files to the dropbox.f5.com site by performing one of the following two procedures:

  • Uploading files to the dropbox.f5.com site using a standard web browser
  • Uploading files to the dropbox.f5.com site using command line HTTP utilities

Uploading files to the dropbox.f5.com site using a standard web browser

To upload files to the dropbox.f5.com site using a standard web browser, perform the following procedure:

  1. Browse to the following site:


    The site will prompt for authentication.

  2. Log in using the case number as the username and the email address of the user associated with the ticket as the password.
  3. After successful login you will see a text field, a Browse button, an Add Files button, and an Upload Files button.
  4. In the text field, enter the full path to the file you want to upload, or click the Browse button and navigate to the file.
  5. If you want to add additional files, click the Add Files button and repeat Step 4 in the new text field.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until all files you want to upload are listed.
  7. Click the Upload Files button.

    Important: HTTP basic authentication must be provided as described in the Username and Password section. The contents of the POST or PUT data will be placed in a destination file specified by the URI provided. The destination parent directory of the provided URI must already exist for the upload to succeed. Therefore, F5 Networks recommends that you upload everything directly into the root directory unless you know a particular subdirectory already exists. Also, the destination URI provided to the server cannot be a directory.

    Note: The dropbox.f5.com site also supports the HTTP PUT method as well as posting data to a desired URI to upload relevant files. This can be useful using many command line utilities available on F5 products.

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