Unable to obtain Write mode in SmartDashboard


Unable to log into write mode on SmartDashboard.

A pop-up will come up with two options, the first being “Login to read mode and notify when write becomes available”, while the second is to disconnect the user already logged in with Write mode.

The second option may be grayed out.


Only one admin user can be logged into SmartDashboard with write permission at a time. This is to ensure writing to the database is not attempted by multiple users.

Dependent on how the admin user was created, it may not have permission to kick other users (thats why the second option would be grayed out).


Before proceeding, check to make sure no-one is actually using a write session. You wouldn’t want someone to kick you in the middle of 2 hours of changes that haven’t been saved yet. Either of the below will force all unsaved changes to be lost.

Two things you can do (both requires CLI to the management server):

1. Use cpconfig utility to determine / create new the “cpconfig” firewall administrator. This is THE ONLY admin who has rights to kick other users from write mode.

2. Versions >= R76, you can just run the below command (in expert mode):

send_command -local -o kill_clients $(send_command -local -o connected_clients | grep [0-9] | grep -v “Command Sender” | awk -F “|” ‘{print $3}’)

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