SA/SSL VPNs (Config) Creating snapshots of the IVE system

System Snapshot tab allows you to create a snapshot of the IVE system state. When you use this option, the IVE runs various utilities to gather details on the IVE system state, such as the amount of memory in use, paging performance, the number of processes running, system
uptime, the number of open file descriptors, ports in use, and Secure Access FIPS log messages. You can choose to include or exclude system configuration and debug logs. However debug logs are particularly important in the event of a problem. You will need to set the debug log at a certain level and add the events list as directed by your Support representative. Recreate the problem or event. Then take a snapshot and send it to Support. The debug log is encrypted. You cannot
view it. The IVE stores up to ten snapshots, which are packaged into an encrypted “dump” file that you can download to a network machine and then email to Juniper Networks Support.

If you take more than ten snapshots, the IVE overwrites the oldest snapshot file with the new snapshot.
To take a snapshot of the IVE system state:
1. In the admin console, choose Maintenance > Troubleshooting > System Snapshot.
2. Select the Include system config checkbox to include system configuration information in your snapshot (optional).
3. Select the Include debug log checkbox to include log file created through the Debug Log tab in your system snapshot. For more information, see “Creating debugging logs” on page 699.
4. Select Schedule automatic snapshots to automatically take a snapshot at regular intervals. Enter how often you want to take a snapshot (in hours) and the maximum file size of each snapshot (in MB).
5. Click Take Snapshot.
6. When the IVE finishes taking the snapshot, click Download to download the file to a network machine.
7. Email the file to Juniper Networks Support for review.
8. When you are finished, click Delete to delete the snapshot.

NOTE: You can also take a system snapshot from the serial console. This method is useful if you cannot get to the admin console and need to save the system configuration.

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