Palo Alto CLI shortcuts


 Need to debug a problem on a Palo Alto firewall, these are CLI commands to use.

David Klein says ‘my CLI cheat sheet.  I put an “*” by the commands to use when looking for issues”


 Any sort of debugging on a PA-2020 or other PA firewall, including running somewhat arbitrary packet captures with simple filters.


CLI cheatsheet

show system info

show jobs processed
make sure autocom completed okay (especially after updates)

ping source int-ip-addr host ip-addr
source int-ip-addr is not needed when sourcing from mgmt interface

* show system statistics

* show interface ethernet1/?

show log traffic direction equal backward
shows latest log entries first

show log system direction equal backward
show log url direction equal backward

show system logdb-quota
show running logging

* show counter global

* debug dataplane pool statistics
look for buffer pool exhaustion (when first number of x/y gets close to 0)
show system state filter
show system state filter sys.monitor.dp.exports

show session all | match ip-addr
to find a particular session nnnnn
show session id nnnnn
to see details of that particular session

show routing route
to see route table

* show running resource-monitor
to see dataplane cpu stats
show system resources

tftp export configuration from running-config.xml to ip-addr
to save running-config to tftp server at ip-addr

tftp export stats-dump to ip-addr
to save data for AVR report to tftp server at ip-addr

Here is my cheat sheet for PANOS 3.1 manual packet captures in CLI:

debug dataplane packet-diag set filter on
debug dataplane packet-diag set filter match source src_ip destination dest_ip
debug dataplane packet-diag set capture stage receive file mypcapfile.pcap
debug dataplane packet-diag set capture on
Generate traffic and then:
debug dataplane packet-diag set capture off
view-pcap filter-pcap mypcapfile.pcap
tftp export filter-pcap from mypcapfile.pcap to
Clean up:
debug dataplane packet-diag set capture off
debug dataplane packet-diag set filter off
debug dataplane packet-diag clear filter all
debug dataplane packet-diag clear capture stage receive
delete debug-filter file mypcapfile.pcap

Check settings:
debug dataplane packet-diag show setting

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