PA-200 Dead After Reboot

Upon reboot, certain PA-200 devices may enter into maintenance mode or a reboot loop state
Potentially Affected Devices
Devices that meet ALL of the following criteria have the potential to exhibit this problem if the device is rebooted:
·         Serial number is between 001606034669 and 001606038278 (shipped between February 8 and April 8, 2015)
·         PAN-OS software version is less than 6.1.0
·         PAN-OS software has not been upgraded or re-installed at least twice
If you have a potentially affected device that is operating normally, we recommend that you perform the following steps to reduce the chance of any issues:
1.      Reinstall the current software by clicking Reinstall on the Software page or executing request system software install CLI command
2.      Reboot the firewall executing CLI command request restart system
3.      Reinstall a second time using the same method
4.      Reboot the firewall again
After these steps are completed, the system will not be susceptible to the incorrect reboot loop issue.
If you or your customers encounter an issue
If the device is in a reboot loop or boots into maintenance mode upon boot, please submit a technical support case to Palo Alto Networks online or call us at +1.866.898.9087 to recover the device. During the call, a console connection to the device will be required.

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