Obtaining a CST file – IPSO ONLY


Spontaneous reboot, failure, or other random event

IPSO is becoming depreciated, so double-check that is the OS being ran before proceeding. I recommend searching for the ECST support article instead – (Jan2015 – JL)


Additional diagnostic information is needed, for this, we ask the customer to provide a copy of the output of CST,

CST is the Nokia Configuration Summary Tool. Collects all the info about a device and recent events, including core dumps, and puts it into a tar file and then renames it from .tar to .cst


After connecting to the command line as an adminstrator, enter “cst” and then follow the prompts. This will generate a compressed file (in the /admin directory) containing configuration details.

Please also get a copy of /var/log/messages

You may want to ZIP this file with a password before sending the file


The CST is often (nearly always) too large to send by email,

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