Monitoring underlying OS and disk


F5 systems may fail or act in unpredictable manner when critical partitions run out of dsk space.

By default there is no warning provided when the root partition is full.


There are a number of possible ways to monitor F5 for disk space, etc.

You may need to use the F5 custom MIB to send traps, e.g. for bigipDiskPartitionWarn and bigipDiskPartitionGrowth directly to a trap listener to generate a ticket when any partition exceeds 30%.


sol8865: Diskmonitor:
sol12263: Maintaining disk space on a BIG-IP system
sol3727: Configuring custom SNMP traps
sol11127: Testing SNMP traps
How to Forward Syslog events to QRadar:  
sol3667: Sending email from traps:  and

How to enable SNMP and set community:
Enabling SNMP is in
Enabling SNMP traps is in
InterestingSNMP traps:  bigipDiskPartitionWarn, bigipDiskPartitionGrowth

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