Juniper RMA questions to ask customer

Company Name:
Shipping Address:
Shipping City:
Shipping State:
Shipping Zip Code:
Shipping Country:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
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Serial number of box:
Reason for R.M.A.:
1. Does the power light come on?
2. have you tried another cable or outlet?
3. Does the Status Light Blink Green?
4. Do you have access to the console?
5. Is there any output on the console?
6. If so, what is the error message?
7. Do you get a link light on the interfaces when connected?
8. if not, have you tried a different switch/hub port and another cable?
9. Has any new equipment been added to the network recently (if so, what)?
10. About how long did the system run before failure?

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