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In many situations you will need to get files from SecurePlatform (SPLAT). You can simply have the customer FTP them directly to us, but this is not always ideal / possible. First, FTP will not be an encrypted transfer, and we currently (as of 3/22/2012) do not have a secure way of directly transferring from most devices. Customers can use our https upload site to get them to us, but this requires the file to be available to the customer’s end-PC.

Another circumstance would be in instances that the SPLAT server does not have internet access.

This bug exists in GAiA R75.40 and VS… It was apparently fixed by R75.45, but we haven’t tested this)


You can use WinSCP (freeware) v4.1.9  to do so. Later versions utilize later openSSH version which has a bug that SPLAT won’t successfully transfer large files from the device using SCP and SPLAT cannot use SFTP. I have a confirmed valid version available via our download site at (username: download — password: TarVid4# ). Install that.

Then you have to make the SSH user you will log in to with WinSCP use a compatible shell (cpshell is the default shell, and it is not compatible). In expert mode issue the command ‘ chsh -s /bin/bash <username>’. So if you only use admin to ssh to the device, then the command will be  ‘chsh -s /bin/bash admin’. After transferring files, you can change this back with the command ‘chsh -s /bin/cpshell admin’.

Now you can use WinSCP to log in to it. Launch WinSCP and put the firewall’s IP address in the host name, then the user we just changed the shell for, and finally that users password. Hit ‘login’. Upon successful connection you will see side-by-side file browser. WinSCP will open to that users home directory (so for admin would be /home/admin ) and you just need to drag the file to your local machines director (local will be on the left and the remote CP’s dir on the right)…

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