Export configuration as ‘set’ commands


Most options to export the configuration provide an XML file that can be re-imported, but not easily edited or read by humans.


There is often a need to export configuration as a series of ‘set’ commands instead of as XML.

For a configuration backup that can be readily re-imported, export the XML configuration with “scp export configuration from running-config.xml to running-config to username@host:path


Unlike Cisco and similar network devices, “dumping” the entire Panorama configuration to the screen for later re-import, while suitable for snippets, is not recommended for full backups. For a change detection tool, you can script a series of commands to export the configuration from the CLI in a format suitable for ‘diff’ and automatic alerts:

set cli config-output-format set
set cli pager off

The above can be scripted


Scripts for Orion/NCM may be available on SolarWind’s Thwack site.

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