Creating a Service Request / Contacting Check Point Support

Contacting Checkpoint to create a ticket, or check up on an opened ticket, include tips for opening a Check Point service request (SR, aka a vendor ticket).


How to best open a case with Check Point and further contact information.


it is far quicker to open a case online, then if it is a high priority issue, call with the SR it created. I had to do that while on the phone with support because I was not listed in the end-user’s account admins.

REQUIRED: You need to know the:

1. END-USER’S usercenter (UC) account (ask “What is the usercenter account this product’s license is tied to?”)

2. the Device-ID (this works only for appliances, so if it is on an open server then you must get the UC account, but for appliances you can use either the

3. Serial Number, or the MAC address of the Mgmt or eth0 [90% of the time] interface),  for appliances you can use either.

In : first sign-in then navigate to Support > Create Service Request (link below).

Provide the UC account or device ID. The website will notify you if the customer’s account has proper support. If it doesn’t it will warn you that you will have to use a CSP quota! If this happens make sure you are opening for a legitimate cause (with engineer approval– NOTE the engineer that approved in the vendor ticket!)(RMA’s ARE NOT COVERED BY CSP! the device MUST have hardware support), then proceed.

Fill in the info. Hint: if you are just trying to get the case opened quickly for phone support, give it a good descriptive title, then simply say “Will call with further detail.” Otherwise try to be as descriptive as possible. The web form has limited space so you can attach outputs as text files after the case is open (simply say will provide outputs, CPinfo, etc… after case is opened).

DON’T upload any files at this time. Their Web upload service SUCKS, and will cause you issues and heartache. If you have only small files ( < 5 MB) then you can use the “Attach files” after the case is opened.

Instead, if you have files to provide (or are in the process of getting them), ask the SR handler to provide SFTP info and creds to upload them, and mention you are VAR support and do not have a CP server that you can use to use their uploader utility to provide the files.

Once you click submit the following screen will provide you with the SR number. Record this number.

————————————–Contact info and important links————————————–

Check Point TAC contact information


Americas TAC
+1 888 361 5030 or +1 613 271 6721

(Once logged in) Create a Service Request at

(Once logged in) Check SR at (may require searching the SR #).



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