Category ‘unavailable’


Customer may notice this in Reporter, or looking at the reported categories.

Basically, they will see “unavailable” as a category, or as the only reported category.


The “unavailable” category means the BCFW database reported an error, and may occur in normal operation for a brief period (seconds to minutes) when first enabling web filtering, or when downloading BCWF the first time.


  • SGOS license is expired – check show license in the Management Console
  • Database is expired – check show content-filter status in the Management Console
  • Database is corrupt.  Force a BCWF download, this should fix the error going forward.

    If there problem seems to come and go, the issue was likely due to a bad download of the BCWF database, or multiple download failures over time such that the good database the proxySG had stored was marked as outdated (expired).

See KB article for details:

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