BlueCoat Reference Links

CLI Guide:

SSL Intercept Layer(s):

Itercepting SSL traffic based on authentication credentials:

Key Ring:

Moving a keyring from one ProxySG to another:

Export/import a ProxySG appliance key:

CPU or Performance issues on a ProxySG :

ProxySG to serve multiple PAC files:

Create a custom exception page using CLI:

Configure the CIFS Proxy:

IWA authentication on the ProxySG:

Configuration backup/archiving:

Restoring the configuration using the GUI:

Policy Deny when a user logs in or comes back after a period of time away from their PC when running new versions of OS:

Troubleshoot TCP Resets on the ProxySG (when the reset is not triggered by the client or the Firewall):

Creating Bandwidth Management Limit:

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