Let Code426 build you a fantastic website.

web development

Web Development

We are focused on providing the best experience for you and your customers. A web page is not about providing a cluttered and confusing website that contains all possible information about your business. Providing the best experience, at least to us at code426, means presenting the information in a logical and easy to find design users will enjoy. Content should be easy flowing with lots of whitespace. Crowding your website can make finding the information a customer is looking for difficult and hard on the eyes.

update an old website

Web Site Updating

Turn you old and tired website into a modern and responsive design. You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to afford a fantastic website. The services we offer are designed for small to medium size companies. At code426 we focus on building websites that will improve your online presence and make you more profitable. The ultimate outcome of a website should always be to make you more profitable than you were before you hired us.

recoding a website

Why A Professional Website Is Important

A poorly designed website can cost you a loss of sales and a loss of potential clients. if your site looks outdated, cluttered, or hard to navigate you may be pushing your customers away. Your site does not need to be sparkly and full of automation (although can be eye catching), but it does need to be well organized and thought out. Your website should be easy to navigate to what visitors are looking for.

First impressions are very important. if a person is considering doing business and needs to choose between two companies offering the same service. One company has an website that has not been updated in 8 years and shows its age. The other company has a new clean and responsive website that is easy to navigate. Which company will win the business? 99% of the time it will be the company with a modern website with easy to find information