PhotoGallery Options

A Varity Of Photo Gallery Options For Your Website

A basic sliding carousel

You can add a photo title and link the image to a blog post or a published article.

A basic sliding carousel

This carousel only displays photos but has some transition effects

A full width sliding carousel

You can add multiple photos to each slide. This type of carousel focuses on one image while bluring the other images in the slide.

A sliding carousel of short video clips with music playing

You can add a varity of short video clips. Then choose the perfect music to set the mood. Best of all you can use external video links such as youtube and Vimeo. By using exteral links you increase the loading speed of your site.

A static image with an added dimension

You can add an extra dimension by setting an image that falls through your site.

A static image that distorts based on you mouse movement

A simple effect that adds a little AWE.

A sliding carousel to feature your best products

If you are an eCommerce website, this sliding carousel will let you showcase your best products or products on sale.

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