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If you have an eCommerce site then you probably have a few different marketing campaigns targeting different genres or economic groups. One of the best ways to verify if your marketing campaign is working is to create landing pages for each marketing campaign. By creating different landing pages you can create designs on your website that appeal to your target.

Each time a visitor clicks on your PPC advertising or click on the URLs that appear in organic search results, the ultimate action that you would want for them to take is to convert that visitor either as a generated lead or even a sale. This is where a good, optimized and targeted landing page comes into play.

For business owners the landing page could be the most crucial element in their overall digital marketing campaign. These pages are mainly responsible for converting traffic either as targeted leads or sales. This particular purpose is what landing pages were designed for and the process called Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is what you’ll need to ensure landing pages are well-targeted and optimized for conversion

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