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A poorly designed website can cost you a loss of sales and a loss of potential clients. if your site looks outdated, cluttered, or hard to navigate you may be pushing your customers away. Your site does not need to be sparkly and full of automation (although can be eye catching), but it does need to be well organized and thought out. Your website should be easy to navigate to what visitors are looking for.

First impressions are very important. if a person is considering doing business and needs to choose between two companies offering the same service. One company has an website that has not been updated in 8 years and shows its age. The other company has a new clean and responsive website that is easy to navigate. Which company will win the business? 99% of the time it will be the company with a modern website with easy to find information

You have 5 seconds to catch the eye of a visitor to your website and keep then on your site. First impressions of a website are based on:

First impressions of a website are based on:

  • whether your website has a modern responsive design.
    • If you site does not work on mobile devices, you are missing out on a huge market.
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
    • if I want to find your businesses location or hours of operation, can I easily navigate to it.
  • Does your site have valuable, well-written content?
    • does the content have miss spelling or incorrect grammar?
    • Does it take several reads to figure out what you are writing about?
  • Does your site have pictures and video?
    • pictures say a thousand words.
      • if you are a company selling a varienty of parts, a photo of a giant warehouse with row after row of shelves full of parts will sent a message to your customers that you are the company to go to for parts.

Think of your website as the face of your business for online users.

  • a good website gives a business credibility
  • Can locals find your website?
    • locals are more likely to contact a local business if they have a website.
    • statistics show that locals will have more trust in a business if they have a well designed and modern website.

What type of information should be found on your website:

  • list of prices (very important) if you are an ecommerce store
    • if you do not display prices of your products and require someone to call or visit your store to find the price, you will lose customers
      • customers like to know what to expect.
  • list of services offered.
    • there is nothing more annoying than to do an internet search for a specific service, only to find that the businesses showing up in the search do not offer anything you are looking for.
    • Don't make the potential customer guess what kind of services you offer.
  • easy to find contact Information
    • physical address
    • driving directions
    • gps coordinates
      • If your business is hard to find, it should have a map and gps coordinates
    • a quality Photograph of the business
  • customer testimonials
    • This will help reassure potential customers that you are a trustworthy business that provides good service.
  • Links to social media profiles (helps with SEO and website ranking)
    • twitter
    • facebook
    • instagram
    • linkedin

Your website should be something that meets your specific needs and displays only what is needed.

when you hire Code426 you will receive a list of questions that must be answered with great thought in order to get the best design for your business and market.

  • we ask qustions like:
    • who is your target audience
    • what is your target audience age
      • why this matters: color, design, font size should be catered to the age and generation of your target audience
    • What does your business does
    • Who is your competition
    • Do you have any features you have seen on other websites that you want in your site

all about you

It's About You

We are focused on providing the best experience for you and your customers. A web page is not about providing a cluttered and confusing website that contains all possible information about your business. Providing the best experience, at least to us at code426, means presenting the information in a logical and easy to find design users will enjoy. Content should be easy flowing with lots of whitespace. Crowding your website can make finding the information a customer is looking for difficult and hard on the eyes.

small business

Why We Focus On Small Businesses

We believe that all small businesses deserve to have a competing web presence with large corporations. You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to afford a fantastic website. The services we offer are designed for small to medium size companies. At code426 we focus on building websites that will improve your online presence and make you more profitable. The ultimate outcome of a website should always be to make you more profitable than you were before you hired us.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Life throws enough problems at you every day. Hiring a web developer to build you an awesome website should not add to your daily problems We do your best to make your web site build as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

You should never wonder about the progress of your website build. At Code426 we keep you informed about what is going on and if we need any information from you. We make sure the website design is what you want and meets your needs as the project progresses.

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